Services d'identité Daktylos


Criminal Record Suspension

Finger printing service to complete your request for the suspension of your criminal record (or pardon). We offer you the opportunity for us to apply on your behalf with the Parole Board of Canada .

Obtaining gainful employment with vulnerable clients

Service d'identité Daktylos will electronically transmit your fingerprints to the RCMP. The RCMP will forward you a statement of your criminal record when checks are completed.

Public Services and Procurement Canada
Contract Security Program

Service at your business place is available
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Processing times are typically from 5 to 7 days if you don’t have a criminal record and from 45 to 120 days in other cases.


SERVICE D’IDENTITÉ DAKTYLOS offers a fast service while respecting individuals and protecting personal information.


SERVICE D’IDENTITÉ DAKTYLOS is very well aware that your fingerprints are the signature of your identity. Our services are based on the following values :

The reasons we may require to submit our fingerprints are various. Whether it is to obtain a job, a request for a criminal record suspension, an adoption or for any other reason, we understand the importance of this undertaking.

Your personal information belongs to you and must be transmitted in a very secure manner. Our company is committed to the highest standards of integrity and promises to protect all your personal information in accordance with the rules that govern us.

The services rendered by our company are of the highest quality. We use devices certified by the CCRTIS.
Our staff has received the required training to offer this superior quality service.

Fast service
SERVICE D’IDENTITÉ DAKTYLOS offers fast service to it’s clientele. We make ourselves available according to your schedule and mobility. The dactyloscopic files are transmitted in real time which enables the RCMP to respond within days.